Through meadows and forests, along splashing water courses...
Crossing the natural paradise of Alta Pusteria by bike is truly wonderful!

But where can you find the most beautiful cycling routes? Here you go:


Drava Cycle Path
Do you like pleasant bike tours? Then we recommend you this leisurely cycle route along the Drava river from San Candido past Versciaco to Lienz, Austria. Legs tired? Then get back by train!

Starting point: Hotel Baranci in San Candido
Altitude difference: approx. 130 m
Length: approx. 44.5 km
Duration: approx. 3.5 hours


Cycle path from San Candido to Dobbiaco
If you want to take refuge in a cool place, we recommend you this pleasant, family-friendly cycling tour from San Candido to Lake Dobbiaco.
Along the way you will also find some yummy stopovers.

Starting point: Hotel Baranci in San Candido
Altitude difference: approx. 85 m
Length: approx. 6.7 km
Duration: approx. 30 min


From Dobbiaco to Cortina
A must-do! After cycling uphill to the Cimabanche Pass, there's a thrilling downing ride to Cortina. In between, you can feast your eyes on plenty of natural and panoramic highlights, such as the Lake Dobbiaco, the Three Peaks and the Lake Landro. Have fun!

Starting point: Dobbiaco Altitude difference: approx. 560 m
Length: approx. 30 km
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours


Giro Bike Tour
Pure adrenaline! Over 5 mountains and almost 3,500 altitude metres - 360 by bike. A two-wheeled tour that invites you to go on adventure!
Are you ready?

Starting point: Chairlift Parete Rossa
Altitude difference: approx. 360 m
Length: approx. 46 km
Duration: approx. 6 hours


Dolomiti Superbike
An absolute "must-bike" for Dolomite fans, who want to let off steam on their bike. Even the short route (60 km) is not easy, not to mention the long one (120 km). In return, on the road, you can feast your eyes admiring many natural beauties.

Starting point: Villabassa
Altitude difference: approx. 1,700 m (short route) / approx. 3,800 m (long route)
Length: approx. 60 km (short route) / approx. 120 km (long route)
Duration: approx. 3.5 hours (short route) / approx. 8 hours (long route)
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